Odete Bigote

Odete Bigote


Dear Readers: There are many factors that prompted me to write articles and books, the most recent book is “Before the World Began.”

Years ago, I started to read the Bible on my own, and the more I read, the more enthusiastic I became.

One day, a friend of mine gave me books on modern physics which were written for the lay-person. I was fascinated by everything I read, specially the fact that there are many universes which Dr. Stephen Hawking, the well known English scientist and others, call alternative universes, parallel universes and even ghostly universes.

In 2010, Stephen Hawking’s book titled The Grand Design was published. I rushed to buy it. As I read it, I noticed that he and his co-author, Leonard Mlodinow, mention that the universe was created spontaneously from nothing. They envision that with the help of bubbles and gravity, planets were formed and people like us, and there is no need for God. Moreover, I realized that I could combine some of the concepts with Bible quotes, a topic that I have written about before, and hopefully bring some union to mankind. Therefore, “Before the World Began” was created. Indeed, everything is connected!

I hope the readers of “Before the World Began: The Point of the Encounter of Love and Science”, will feel as much joy, as I felt writing it.

Odete M. Bigote

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